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About the Infinity guitar

The Infinity is a unique handcrafted pedal steel guitar designed, built and played by Frank Carter. State of the art features of the Infinity guitar include:

• Newly designed lowering scissor:
        • Machined aluminum with a roller at contact point against the finger, minimizing friction
          and optimizing smooth lowering.
        • Minimizes hysteresis (tendency to come back sharp after being lowered, a common
           problem with pedal steel guitars).
• Ten position machined aluminum bell crank
• Adjustable spring pedal return
• Adjustable sliding pedals
• Gauged roller nuts
• Laser engraved fret boards

About Frank Carter

In a sense, one could say that the Infinity guitar has been over 45 years in development. That’s how long Frank Carter has been playing, tinkering, and working on steel guitars. More recently, Frank has combined his formidable musical talent with impeccable craftsmanship to fulfill his dream of designing, developing and building an instrument employing all his advanced ideas of what constitutes a state of the art steel guitar.

Frank began seriously working on the Infinity prototype about ten years ago by retrofitting EMCI guitars with his unique undercarriage design. Now Frank’s work has come to fruition with the introduction of the Infinity. The design skills and craftsmanship that are hallmarks of the Infinity must truly be experienced first hand to be appreciated.

Frank has provided a free full length cut from his recent CD.

Click here to listen to Frank play the Infinity!

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Frank Carter

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